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Costom-made Service

You own craft workshop


We would arrange an unique workshop for your idea. Contact us for inquire.

Please provide more information as below and email to "" ^^

After we got yr email, we will design some ideas for yr unique workshop.

1, What is yr budget? Total budget or how much u could pay for each participant?


2, How many participant will join the workshop? or yr target?  

or minimum? or maximum?

3, When will u held the workshop?

...*Something we will full booking in festival period and summer hoilday....please make a booking early~~

4, What is yr target audience?

     Kids? Kids with their parents?

     Yr VIP? or yr colleague?

5, How long will held the workshop as yr planning?or What is yr purpose of the workshop?

...**It will be  free of  charge so every customs who will interesting, will join the workshop anytime.


**It will only  for our VIP and they will apply the workshop before few days.


**It will only for our colleague so it have to held after their work.

....Let us know more details!! We could think about more for u^^

6, Where will the workshop held?

      In yr office? In a shopping mall? or in yr shop?


...*U could also consider our workshop.

Maximum capacity : 20 persons

7,  ** Any THEME about the workshop?


Special  Request?


OC x Sky100 - Hong Kong's Observation Deck

天際高Fun玩樂坊 - 3D立體繪畫


      為了突顯"天際100"這個主題,我們選擇以 3D立體繪畫的形式,並特製印有天際100 Logo和ICC的外形的模版,讓每位參加者可一筆一筆,繪畫一座獨等的立體 "天際100香港觀光台"。

1, Budget: limited .

2, Every day have 4 session,  maximum 12 persons in each session.

3, Hold in summer holidays.

4, Target audience is kids (also with their parents).

5, It will be free of charge and it only hold in 30 mins (limited time).

6. Hold in Sky100 so every materials and tools should be simply.


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