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Preserved Flower Workshop

       與鮮花一有生命力的保鮮花(Preserved flower),是由真鮮花經過獨特的天然配方及染色,不需要陽光和水分,作品可保存2-3年。加上葉材或其他材料、裝飾等,可製成精緻的花藝擺設。


**保鮮花課程,也由畢業於日本AUBE Preserved


** AUBE Preserved Academy - 海外認可教室 (保鮮花)

  Preserved flower is handcrafted from natural flower with special technique of preservation to keep the freshness and softness that last for years. In this workshop, we shall share some skillful techniques of floral arrangement with preserved flower and refining floral foam. After the workshop, your preserved floral art can serve as an unique art piece to keep or an adorable gift for your loved.

  And our teachers who in charge this workshop also finished instruction’s course by AUBE Preserved International Co. Ltd. 

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